Here are a small selection of comments from some of our clients:

"...Absolutely amazing service by the company on short notice. The consultant that was assigned had a range of knowledge that was broad and very useful and helped us formulate our policies going forward..."

" HCT Consulting's engineer was completely professional and courteous - thoroughly recommend the firm."

" I have been employing HCT Consulting for some time now - ever since they were recommended by a colleague."

" Our network had been setup by a local firm previously- we are a small business and could not afford the "big boys". They made a complete mess of the system, and caused massive down time due to their incompetence. I was told to approach HCT Consulting about my IT requirements by a business associate. They were a complete godsend and in no time had me up and running. I will never recommend them as I prefer to stay ahead of my competition- a company like this I will be keeping close to my chest! "